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"I have been working with Tammy this last year. She is so fun, knowledgeable, and patient. She recognized areas I needed to work on and helped me strengthen the weaker parts. She is very cognizant of pain and builds her workouts around what is needed to overcome those pains. After a few months with her, I went to Europe and walked and climbed to castles and up towers with ease. I have seen a great progression in my mobility after years of sitting at a desk 5 days a week for 12 hours a day. She has assisted me in what equipment I can use for stretching and strengthening. She has also helped me find areas locally where I can walk and hike as well as general overall diet suggestions. She has introduced me to Yoga and has made the experience so much fun. Her motto of “just keep moving” has encouraged me to dedicate myself to exercising/moving as I get older and to push my mother to do the same. Because of that encouragement, mom has started to love exercising as well; a recognition I thought she would never come to. I purchased FitBits for both of us and now we track our steps and our movements daily. Thanks to Tammy, her workouts, and her inspiration; I am happier, healthier, and more energetic. I HIGHLY recommend working with her. Just start with one appointment and I guarantee you will be hooked for life."

--Deanna A.

"Tammy is very responsive, organized and gives great quality of care that is effective, efficient and engaging!  Her training methods are fun and keeps clients committed!  I have seen her work first hand for a better part of 20 years and her program is worth every dollar!!!"

--Mike S.  PT

"I whole heartedly recommend the professional and kind use of Tammy's post-rehabilitation personal training services through LIFE IN MOTION PERSONAL TRAINING."

--James P.

"Professional, personable, and knowledgable-that's Tammy!  She's great to work with and motivating her clients is a strength of hers.  It's always great to work with her, and she helps educate her clients so that they get to know their body and capabilities.  She seems to know exactly how to help her clients reach their goals without moving too slow or too fast.  She's a gem!"

--Patti P.

" Life in Motion is the best personal training you can get.  Tammy has worked with my 92 year old mother and the results have been wonderful.  We are grateful to Tammy and Life in Motion, for maintaining and improving my mother's mobility and spirit."

--Carol S.

"In April of 1999 I had a stroke.  In 2002 a friend referred me to a personal trainer, Tammy.  With her help I have regained significant range of motion in my legs and increased my balance and endurance.  She helped me regain the independence that I thought I lost forever.  I highly recommend her to anyone who has been told that they have "gone as far as they can go" in a therapy program."

--George L.

 "I am a Sun City resident with a history of M.S.  When I heard about Tammy and her personal training program I said this is who I've been looking for!  I am seeing improvement in my balance and strength with just 2 days a week.  Not only is she knowledgeable in post-rehab, but she is so easy to get along with and pleasant to have in my home."

--Peggy G.

"We were referred to Tammy with Life in Motion through the M. S. Society.  Tammy has been working with my mom for nearly 10 years.  We have seen a great increase in my mom's balance and strength.  Tammy has also been working with me and a general fitness program to increase strength.  She makes working out fun and different each time."

--Sandy and Lori W. 

" Tammy has been coming to my home for training with me for almost 9 years.  She is a real life saver for me.  She is unfailingly patient and kind and an absolute professional.  I truly depend on Tammy and recommend her services to anyone."

--Louise P.

        "Tamara is my personal trainer. As such, she provides me with fitness training and/or yoga twice a week. Her workouts are geared to the fitness of her client, whom she encourages but never pushes too far, thereby slowly increasing her client's fitness over time. She is solicitous of her client's well-being, always arrives with a smile, and has a very encouraging demeanor. I would recommend Tamara for physical therapy and/or personal training to anyone who is interested in such activity."

-Susan M.

 "I have been working with Tammy for the past few months as my personal trainer and 'encouragement coach'. She always keeps things challenging and fun at the same time. I have no doubt I'll reach my fitness goals with her help! If you have ever considered a personal trainer, she should be at the top of your list--more than worth it!!"

--Linda R.

   "If you are a slug lacking motivation with hip aches, neck pain and generally not into fitness, Tammy is the one for you. She always arrives with a great smile, on time and eager to get this lazy body going. As a senior the issues with balance and core strength are always incorporated into her program. She is extremely creative with her session and adds something new and unusual so you are never bored. After 7 years, she has continued to be one of the most important parts of my week. I would highly recommend her to develop a program geared specifically for you with whatever limitations a person might have. Your have her undivided attention. There are many times I do not feel like working out, but without a doubt I ALWAYS feel better and am grateful she gives me that jump start that I need."

-Carolyn R.

"I have been working out for years and reached a plateau.  After working with Tammy I have seen amazing results.  My strength has increased tremendously.  I also hired Tammy to train my husband, in hopes of motivating him to exercise consistently.  After 6 months he is motivated to continue working out twice a week on his own."

--John and Lori C.

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