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My name is Jim Perry and I am a retired 83 ½ year old construction company executive.  On the morning of August 8th, 2018, I was walking my dog down to our apartment complex mailboxes when I tripped over a communications company man-hole cover which had apparently popped up in the sidewalk over night due to extreme temperature changes.  The fall was fortunately observed by the mailman (a friend of the dog and I) who immediately notified 911.  At the hospital it was determined that I fractured my lower neck and dislocated several vertebrae.  After 2 months of virtual immobilization it was determined by the doctors that I would begin physical therapy as I was virtually totally paralyzed.

The hospital therapy team eventually soon had my left side o the body responding to exercise with the total paralysis weakening and I was eventually able to sit-up and eat lefthanded.  After about 2 ½ weeks it was determined that I would do just as well at home.  Unfortunately, my wife had passed away 8 years before and my children lived in Alaska and Washington, so I was placed in a very nice extended care home where I reside to this date.


Physical therapy was soon provided on a twice a week basis by Tammra (Tammy) Brunner PTA.  Under her kind and understanding direction I have progressed to being able to free-stand for 5 minutes, walk with a 2-wheel walker on the street for 1 mile.  The plan is to soon be walking with a 4-wheel walker.  My right side is now also showing signs of the paralysis disappearing and my right hand becoming functional.

I did reach my goal of walking with a 4-wheel walker and will be moving with my daughter to Arizona.

I whole heartedly recommend the professional and kind use of Tammy’s post-rehabilitation personal training services through Life in Motion Personal Training.


We did it! What an amazing event and accomplishment! November 2015

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